We  are professional, creative and possess a genuine passion for graphic design.

Whether you want a logo, flyers, brochures, businesses cards or you want us to create a strong and coherent brand for your business – whatever stage it’s at, we’re on hand to help. It’s important to understand that quality graphic design carried out by a professional company like RX IT can attract your target customer-base and increase overall sales.

We are in the business of making you and your company look amazing to your clients. Stay fresh and stay ahead of the competition with our graphic design services:

Branding your business is essential for identifying and marketing who you are and what you do in the business world. It’s an important way for people get to know and remember you. At RxTronix we can work together to make your logo represent your business, your business cards look like your website, your website look like your sales flyer, and your sales flyer look like it belongs in your pocket folder. Most importantly, the point is to make you look your best!

RxTronix has extensive experience in print design and catalog creation for both B2B and B2C clients. Our print designers are skilled in visually organizing technical data to be both aesthetically pleasing, and easy for the reader to understand. Whether your publication is a small brochure or several hundred pages long, our expert combination of photos, copy and graphic design can help your company communicate effectively with your audience.

It’s important to understand that although having a website is important, a poor website with a low level of usability can do more harm than good. Therefore, hiring a professional web design company is highly recommended. We are experienced web designers with a strong knowledge of SEO, and this ensures that we are best placed to produce quality websites that are built with both users and search engines in mind.

We design, draft and develop your thoughts into beautiful architectural, interior, 2D and 3D art creations. You can partner with us to design your thoughts into a beautiful creation of art, or draft and model your plans/sketches with great accuracy or to develop your projects to systematic working drawings. We are committed to deliver the best for our clients and to stay on top with the best practices and latest technology.

Product photography is used by virtually all of our commercial industrial clients. Many retail customers also require commercial product photography services. Product photography can be used in print design marketing efforts and is an important type of photo to use on your business website. Our commercial photography is often part of a greater production process for a print design or web design project.

Now a days, video is becoming a more expected tool to get exposure, not only on YouTube, but on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other business directories. Video has a way of telling a story that images can’t capture. It helps people to easily understand what you’re offering as a business, from services to behind the scenes. If you need help creating a concept to promote your business or next video project, we’ve got you covered!