Hosting Services

We, at &, offer highly scalable hosting services with a focus on speed, security and scalability.

Our extremely reliable, ZFS data storage based hosting system relies on next–generation, SSD–equipped servers.

You can make your sites incredibly fast with a range of Control Panel–integrated site acceleration tools and switch to a more powerfull web hosting service anytime.

Ultimately, using a web hosting provider like RXTRONIX allows you to concentrate on developing your website (or whatever else you need to do) whilst leaving your website’s hosting in the hands of a company that specializes in web hosting. We’re a customer-focused business with a genuine passion for helping our clients to online success.

Domain Name Services

Among our many other talents, we’re also a reseller of domain names and we’re able to offer a number of domain extensions (the ‘extension’ is the or bit).

It’s always better to go through a reputable provider to purchase your domain name. You’d be surprised at the number of people we’ve spoken to who have decided to move their domain name over to us only to find it wasn’t registered properly when they first bought it. We always register domain names in the client’s name, not ours, so there’s no quibble over ownership.

Once we’ve purchased your domain name, we can also set up an email accounts for you.