AI does more than just help with security: Here’s how it can make you more revenue too!

Artificial intelligence still seems a little…unreal, doesn’t it? Yet you would be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t use some form of AI or automation to make jobs easier – it’s all around us, and it does make a difference. In fact, the right AI adoption can improve your security, make leadership decisions easier, and even increase profits. Does it sound hard to believe? Take a look at the revenue-friendly ways that AI systems are being used in today’s businesses.

  1. Customer Data Management

Companies that are trying to adopt more digital solutions tend to have a lot of customer data lying around – we’re talking about how customers pay, when they buy, what channels they buy through, what products they like, what they look at before they buy, how often they buy, and a whole lot of other information. It doesn’t matter how much free time your marketing and sales teams have, they can’t look over this data and spot important connections just by staring at spreadsheets.

But an AI can track all this data and come up with conclusions that are actually useful. Skilled CRM AI systems can identify high-value customers that spend a lot of money, target them with additional deals, and identify new prospects who share similar traits to these high-value customers and deserve extra attention to make more sales.

  1. Automated Ad Placement and Audience Targeting

Today’s AIs don’t stop at customer data: They also examine a lot of social and sales data, which can be more useful than you might expect. A good AI, for example, can find out what payment options and channels have a higher success rate within your target audience, which is especially handy if you’re not sure how to find or analyze this data. That skill also applies to automated placement of ads in the right spots and platforms to attract the sort of business you want. It can transform a business’s profits when used correctly.

  1. Faster Workflows

Today’s AI systems go beyond simple automation: Just take a look at the latest Cortana features, which allow the voice assistant to scan emails for relevant information and set up automatic calendar events based on what you are discussing. Advanced features like these really put the “assistant” in voice assistant, which means you save a lot of time and – with enough use of these tools – may even be able to trim up the workforce a little. Other automation can help too, such as features that automatically add or pass on projects when they are ready to reach the next step…or put up alerts when something looks like it has gone wrong.

  1. Chat Systems for Direct Sales

Here’s an exciting twist on the AI trend. Chatbots are advanced AI systems that replicate a normal conversation (more or less) through a messaging app so that customers can IM the chatbot and ask questions or as for specific information. Facebook Messenger allows companies to come up with a simple AI that nearly anyone can use – and with the right tools, customers can buy items directly from the chatbot!

  1. Direct Site Analysis

No, we’re not talking about websites, we’re talking about actual work sites.,  solar arrays, farms, and construction sites. As this type of analysis grows more refined, it will become commonplace for an outside consultation to be as simple as renting an AI service.

  1. Intelligent Screening and Product Control

On the advanced end of this AI skill are healthcare systems designed to automatic sift through a vast amount of data to look for signs of problems like breast cancer or heart disease – they even get better the more they scan, producing more accurate results (very similar to how security AI systems scan for signs of malware). Less rigorous but still useful versions of this approach can be used in quality control to watch out for repeated problems and narrow down causes to help make production less costly and more efficient.

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